How Does Ford's EcoBoost Work?

Fuel efficiency is one of the most important things that San Diego drivers are looking for in their next car, truck or SUV. Which is why Ford offers EcoBoost engines on all of their cars, trucks, and SUVs. But how does an EcoBoost engine work to deliver powerful performance and impressive fuel efficiency at the same time?

The engineers at Ford have put in thousands of hours studying engine performance and striving to combined power and efficiency for the desired performance of many Southern California drivers. There are three components to a Ford EcoBoost engine that all work in tandem to make the most of each tank of fuel while generating impressive horsepower.

  • Twin-Independent Valve Cam Timing: The Twin-Independent Valve Cam Timing, or Ti-VCT, opens and closes the valves with exact timing to match the load condition, optimizing power and efficiency for spirited performance without wasting fuel.
  • Turbocharged Performance: Energy from EcoBoost engine exhaust that would otherwise be wasted is utilized to rotate the turbine. The turbine that is coupled to a compressor which pressurizes incoming air generates an instantaneous surge of on-demand power. Which significantly increases output per liter.
  • Direct Fuel Injection: The last pieces of the EcoBoost engine is Direct Injection. By delivering a fine mist of fuel directly into the combustion chamber less fuel is wasted while also maximizing power.

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