Life's First Evers with Jeannie

Join Penske Ford in following Jeannie, from The Ellen Degeneres Show, as she shares her first time experiences and pays it forward to deserving Ellen fans.

Life's First Evers
Episode 1: Jeannie's Story

Ellen gave Jeannie her first-ever job, and now Jeannie is paying it forward by giving some really deserving Ellen fans their very own firsts! Take a look back at Jeannie's incredible story of how she became part of The Ellen Show.

Life's First Evers
Episode 2: Long Lost Siblings

Jeannie receives a letter from a 40-year-old stay-at-home mom, who found out she has three siblings she has never met and is looking to meet for the first time. Little does this mom know that her entire life is about to change!

Life's First Evers
Episode 3: Surrogate Besties

After struggling for a long time to become a first-time mom, this woman's best friend became her surrogate... and is pregnant with her twins! Jeannie is about to give both women a huge surprise in experiencing their first-evers together.

Life's First Evers
Episode 4: Jeannie, May I?

Ellen and Jeannie surprised an energetic mother and daughter with the chance to win big in a brand-new game!
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